Posman Kua Aisi Lawyers

About us

Posman Kua Aisi Lawyers (PKA or the Firm), in association with King & Wood Mallesons (KWM) [www.kwm.com], is one of PNG's leading commercial law firms. We always aim to meet our client's needs through provision of practical and cost-effective solutions. The Firm has a demonstrated history of pursuing the resolution of problems with tenacity to achieve the best possible outcomes for its clients. Based in the capital city of Port Moresby, we have been serving the needs and meeting the demands of business organisations, statutory bodies and Government, here in PNG for over 30 years.

The Firm rose out of the merger between Fiocco Posman & Kua Lawyers (FPK) and Thirlwall Aisi & Koiri (TAK) on 1 March 2001. FPK was established in August 1993. TAK, which initially practiced as Kirkes Lawyers, had a history that took its establishment past PNG's independence.

Association with King & Wood Mallesons

PKA has been a part of King & Wood Mallesons' strong network of local partners since 1997. With access to a global platform and team of over 500 partners and 2000 lawyers in 27 locations around the world, King & Wood Mallesons is recognised as a leading law firm.

As King & Wood Mallesons' associated law firm in PNG, together we work with clients to understand loacl challenges, navigate through regional complexity, and to find commercial solutions that deliver a competitive advantage.



The two partners at PKA are recognised as leaders in their respective areas of practice. Kisakiu Posman is the Partner that practises in the general area of commercial law and practice. Kisakiu heads our team of commercial lawyers that work to assist the foreign and PNG owned businesses and investments, State owned enterprises and public utilities, and Government.

Goiye Gileng, Partner that heads the Firm's litigation and alternative dispute resolution practice. They work with our team of Litigation lawyers who constantly strive to ensure that they represent the best interests of our clients in any litigation, arbitration, mediation or conflict resolution situations that our clients may encounter.

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Be different

be different is PKA's slogan/motto. It is our continued challenge & commitment to being different from our competitors. It best describes PKA in terms of:

  • being a leader for change;
  • why we now are where we are;
  • where we are endeavouring to go; and
  • how we intend to achieve our objectives.

The slogan pushes us to be different in thought, focus and action, and to make a difference for our clients & ourselves.

We understand that clients look for differentiation in legal products and outcome driven processes. To be different must translate to providing clients with tangible benefits - better delivery of cost effective, timely and high in quality services that are practical in application and add value.

PKA people see things differently. We challenge our mindsets to think about and appreciate issues and do things differently. We are candid with each other when dealing with issues. Much time & energy has been invested in our continuous attempts to understand & properly deal with our people issues, and the Firm is always searching for different & better ways of achieving results.

be different captures the essence of PKA's being. Its beauty is in its simplicity, but its true value and strength is found in the full extent of its deeper and enduring meaning.

The slogan is as much a statement to PKA's clients of what we are about as it is a constant reminder to PKA people about the enduring value of being different. This gives us the flexibility that enables us to respond to changes.

Practice Areas

PKA provides legal services over a range of practice areas. We serve our clients by understanding their legal needs and offering solutions that depending on circumstances can be innovative (whether in legal product or a desired outcome driven process).

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The Firm is managed by Kisakiu Posman, the Executive Partner, with specific areas of management under the responsibility of Dianne Hani (People Management), Polongotch Kepiniu (Operations) and Sione Kami (Information Communication Technology).


The importance of teamwork cannot be over emphasized. The fact that it sits at the top of our operating philosophy is no coincidence. It is imbedded in PKA's operational culture.

The benefits to the clients, the Firm and the lawyers and our other involved PKA people are enormous and particularly useful in large matters where the issues and challenges are multidimensional.