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PKA is passionate about developing the PKA people and we place high priority on training & developing our people's skills, whether it be for lawyers, management or other PKA people. Every PKA person is given the opportunity to develop and advance their skills through training, teamwork, being on committees and group/team discussions and interaction.

We are focussed on the development of each lawyer as well as other PKA people in our professional services supply chain to ensure that the clients get the absolute best in legal service delivery. To that extent, we continue to invest heavily in our PKA people development with a business focus rather than being limited to the technical and professional development of our lawyers.

We believe that people are more than their grades and we look into other areas that would reveal their hidden core competencies and the areas in which they have the potential to better perform as talents.

Our people development is process driven. It is not limited to on the job training or experience. PKA people go through different processes that are specifically designed and structured to achieve targeted outcomes, all choreographed to achieve and maintain an environment that engenders a culture of productivity. We pride ourselves in being a people that steer clear of gender and other issues that affect a person's development, performance and level of productivity.

Talent identification and management is one of our key focus areas. Aligned with this is our rewards system which is principally performance based. These are two key areas that are managed by our People Manager.

Contact us through our People Manager if you are interested in joining our team.